The Guide to Challenging and Enforcing Arbitration Awards, 1st Edition

The Guide to Challenging and Enforcing Arbitration Awards, 1st Edition

Pages: 627

ISBN: 978-1-83862-205-3

  • £250.00

Enforcement used to be an irrelevance in international arbitration. Most losing parties simply paid. Not so any more. The time spent on post-award matters has increased vastly. The Guide to Challenging and Enforcing Arbitration Awards is a comprehensive volume that addresses this new reality. It offers practical know-how on both sides of the coin: challenging, and enforcing, awards. Part I provides a full thematic overview, while Part II delves into the specifics seat by seat. It covers 29 seats.



  • Preface
    J William Rowley QC

Part I: Issues relating to Challenging and Enforcing Arbitration Awards

  • Awards: Early Stage Consideration of Enforcement Issues
    Sally-Ann Underhill and M Cristina Cárdenas
  • Awards: Form, Content, Effect
    James Hope
  • Awards: Challenges
    Michael Ostrove, James Carter and Ben Sanderson
  • Arbitrability and Public Policy Challenges
    Elie Kleiman and Claire Pauly
  • Jurisdictional Challenges
    Michael Nolan and Kamel Aitelaj
  • Due Process and Procedural Irregularities: Challenges
    Simon Sloane, Daniel Hayward and Rebecca McKee
  • Awards: Challenges based on misuse of tribunal secretaries
    Chloe Carswell and Lucy Winnington-Ingram
  • Substantive Grounds for Challenge
    Joseph D Pizzurro, Robert B García and Juan O Perla
  • Enforcement under the New York Convention
    Emmanuel Gaillard and Benjamin Siino
  • Enforcement of Interim Measures
    James E Castello and Rami Chahine
  • Prevention of Asset Stripping: Worldwide Freezing Orders
    Charlie Lightfoot, James Woolrich and Michaela Croft
  • Grounds to Refuse Enforcement
    Sherina Petit and Ewelina Kajkowska
  • ICSID Awards
    Claudia Annacker, Laurie Achtouk-Spivak, Zeïneb Bouraoui

Part II: Challenging and Enforcing Arbitration Awards: Jurisdictional Know-How

  • Argentina
    José Martínez de Hoz and Francisco A Amallo
  • Austria
    Christian W Konrad and Philipp A Peters
  • Belgium
    Hakim Boularbah, Olivier van der Haegen and Jasmine Rayée
  • Canada
    Gordon E Kaiser
  • Colombia
    David Araque Quijano and Johan Rodríguez Fonseca
  • Czech Republic
    Barbora Šnáblová and Lucie Mikolandová
  • Egypt
    Karim A Youssef
  • England and Wales
    Oliver Marsden and Ella Davies
  • France
    Noah Rubins and Maxence Rivoire
  • Germany
    Boris Kasolowsky and Carsten Wendler
  • Hong Kong
    Tony Dymond and Z J Jennifer Lim
  • India
    Sanjeev Kapoor and Saman Ahsan
  • Italy
    Massimo Benedettelli and Marco Torsello
  • Japan
    Nicholas Lingard and Toshiki Yashima
  • Kazakhstan
    Lyailya Tleulina and Ardak Idayatova
  • Korea
    Sae Youn Kim and Andrew White
  • Malaysia
    Cecil W M Abraham, Aniz Ahmad Amirudin and Syukran Syafiq
  • Mexico
    Adrián Magallanes Pérez and David Ament
  • Netherlands
    Marnix Leijten, Erin Cronjé and Abdel Zirar
  • Nigeria
    Babatunde Ajibade and Kolawole Mayomi
  • Portugal
    Frederico Gonçalves Pereira, Miguel Pinto Cardoso, Rui Andrade, Filipe Rocha Vieira, Joana Neves, Catarina Cunha and Matilde Líbano Monteiro
  • Qatar
    Matthew R M Walker, Marieke Witkamp and Claudia El Hage
  • Romania
    Cosmin Vasile
  • Russia
    Dmitry Dyakin, Evgeny Raschevsky, Dmitry Kaysin, Maxim Bezruchenkov and Veronika Lakhno
  • Singapore
    Kohe Hasan and Shourav Lahiri
  • Spain
    Jesús Remón, Álvaro López de Argumedo, Jesús Saracho, Atenea Martínez
  • Sweden
    James Hope
  • Switzerland
    Franz Stirnimann Fuentes, Jean Marguerat, Tomás Navarro Blakemore and James F Reardon
  • United States
    Elliot Friedman, David Y Livshiz and Shannon M Leitner

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