The Guide to Mining Arbitrations, 1st Edition

The Guide to Mining Arbitrations, 1st Edition

Pages: 226

ISBN: 978-1-83862-206-0

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Mining is booming – and with it mining disputes. The Guide to Mining Arbitration is a new volume that responds to this. It offers practical know-how in three parts: the risks and issues mining companies confront; the substantive principles at work; and the regional variations that must be taken into account.. 



Jason Fry and Louis-Alexis Bret

Part I: Part I: Key Issues in Mining Arbitration 

1. Stabilisation Provisions in Long-Term Mining Agreements, Sam Luttrell and Amanda Murphy
2. Arbitration of Social Disputes in Connection with Mining Projects, Henry G (Harry) Burnett and Fernando Rodríguez-Cortina
3. The Rise of Environmental Counterclaims in Mining Arbitration, Yasmine Lahlou, Rainbow Willard and Meredith Craven 
4. Valuation of Non-Producing Mineral Properties, Damien Nyer and Xuefeng Wu
5. Arbitration under Long-Term Mining Offtake Contracts and Royalty Arrangements, Simon Greenberg and Karolina Rozycka

Part II: Applicable Substantive Principles

7. Australian Reflections on International Mining Arbitration, Kanaga Dharmananda SC, Timothy Paul O’Leary and Marshall Timothy McKenna
8. Human Rights and International Mining Disputes, Rae Lindsay and Anna Kirkpatrick
9. The Role of Economic Experts in Mining Arbitration, Manuel A Abdala and Pablo D López Zadicoff

Part III: Regional Issues in Mining Arbitration 

12. Mining Arbitration in Africa, Philippe Hameau, Janice Feigher, Marc Robert and Chloé Deydier 
13. Mining Arbitration in the Asia-Pacific, Aloysius Llamzon and William Panlilio
14. Mining Arbitration in Central Asia, Sabrina Aïnouz, Jérôme Lehucher and Victor Datry
15. Mining Arbitration in Latin America: Social and Environmental Issues in Investment Arbitration Cases, Arif Ali, Érica Franzetti, José Manuel García Represa and Eduardo Silva Romero.


Jason Fry and Louis-Alexis Bret

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