GAR Volume 14 - Issue 1

GAR Volume 14 - Issue 1

Pages: 57

ISBN: 1749-611X

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As we reached the end of 2018, GAR co-hosted a launch event for the Prague Rules on the Efficient Conduct of Proceedings in International Arbitration. Originally aimed at disputes where both two parties are from civil jurisdictions, the rules are designed to provide a framework for parties who may be more comfortable with a civil law style on the taking of evidence in arbitration. 

In our cover story we report on the launch of the rules, which have been a talking point in the arbitration community since their inception – with its proponents hailing them as a necessary innovation and its detractors labelling them “a little monster”. 

2018 was a seismic year for international arbitration, and lawyers from Withers in London have drafted a helpful round-up of 10 key international arbitration developments from the past year and what to expect in the months ahead.

There’s also a speech from Karim A Youssef calling for the elimination of the stigma surrounding investment treaty arbitration, citing the numerous cases brought against Egypt in the wake of the Arab Spring as an example of the system working well.

Our usual round-up of our news and conference reporting includes a look-back to a lively debate by a panel at GAR Live: Atlanta 2018, asking whether the 100-year old US Federal Arbitration Act is fit for purpose in the modern world. 

In this magazine: 

  • Regular coverage
    • News
    • GAR Live: Dubai
  • Features
    • Keeping it civil: the launch of the Prague Rules
    • How Egypt “aced the test of the Arab Spring”
    • Looking back on 2018
    • GAR Live Look-back: Atlanta

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