GAR Volume 13 - Issue 1

GAR Volume 13 - Issue 1

Pages: 48

ISBN: 1749-611X

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The arbitration world has more than once been compared to Hollywood – the big firms are the studios, able to take their pick of eager young graduates to work for them, and certain “starbitrators” command huge prominence and power.

As in Hollywood there’s a dark side. Junior members’ need for their first big break; the importance of reputation; the power and discretion granted to the biggest names; the stigma of fouling the nest. All create an environment that those now speaking out about Harvey Weinstein would recognise.

Accounts have been published online of individuals using their prominence to harass others. Facing such harassment, some fear their careers may be threatened. While GAR names no names, it brings the problem into the public eye and publishes testimony from those who’ve had bad experiences in the hope of starting a conversation.

Our first issue of 2018 also features a look back at our most popular stories of last year and a feature on the side-work of sitting judges at the ICJ and other courts who boost their income – and arguably their expertise – through “moonlighting” as arbitrators.

Finally we have reporting from some of last year’s GAR Lives and a transcript of a fascinating discussion over just how much arbitrators create, rather than simply apply, international law.

In this magazine: 

  • Does arbitration have a #MeToo problem?
  • Arbitrators by moonlight
  • 2017 in the rearview mirror: GAR’s biggest stories of the year
  • GAR Live Damages:
    • Are experts responsible for the ‘number from nowhere’?
  • GAR Live Dubai:
    • Has Dubai shot itself in foot again with “locals only” law?
  • GAR Live Inquisition, a look back
  • News
  • Conferences: 
    • The “rising tide” of environmental cases
    • There’s “no alternative” to investment arbitration, says Schreuer
    • Roundtable considers investments in occupied Ukrainian territories
    • Tech talk in Palo Alto
  • Obituaries

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