GAR Volume 12 - Issue 1

GAR Volume 12 - Issue 1

Pages: 48

ISBN: 1749-611X

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A recent report by Carl Frey, co-director of the Oxford Martin programme on technology and employment at Oxford University, says that exponential improvements in machine learning mean highly trained workers are at risk of having their jobs automated in the near future, with judges and magistrates listed as at medium risk (40.1%). But what about arbitrators?

In this edition Paul Cohen and Sophie Nappert envisage a future where artificial intelligence meets international arbitration and technology potentially supplants the role of arbitrators, counsel and experts. What kind of decisions would result and would the parties accept such decisions?

Gary Born, meanwhile, looks at the less surreal but, for some, equally scary prospect of public feedback on arbitrators becoming available through initiatives such as Catherine Rogers’ Arbitrator Intelligence and GAR’s forthcoming Arbitrator Research Tool. This would help level the playing field when it comes to the selection of answers and enhance the process’s legitimacy, he argues.

Elsewhere the edition is more retrospective, looking back at 20 years of the English Arbitration Act and 100 years of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Act – celebrated with a 1996-themed dinner and a glittering film premiere, respectively.

Following a challenge Emmanuel Gaillard made to UK Supreme Court judge Lord Mance in GAR in 2015, we also feature a debate in Paris on the French theory of the transnational arbitral legal order, as well as Sundaresh Menon’s views on party-appointed arbitrators, UAE arbitrator Essam Al Tamimi’s call for reform of the UAE penal code and coverage of GAR Live Paris.

Finally, we remember Sir Elihu Lauterpacht QC, who died on 8 February.

In this issue: 

  • Choose arbitration: 20 years of England’s 1996 act
  • “The Quiet Triumph”: film premiere kicks off Swedish institute’s centennial
  • The March of the Robots 
  • Le grand débat: Lord Mance and Gaillard clash in Paris
  • Menon’s lessons from the Croatia-Slovenia case 
  • Is there a substitute for experience?: Gary Born
  • Don’t scare business away, Al Tamimi warns UAE 
  • GAR Live Paris: Yukos Law and Disclosure dilemmas
  • Obituary: Sir Elihu Lauterpacht QC 1928-2017
  • News
  • Conferences: 
    • Young ICCA debates Brexit as Trump wins election victory
    • Castello draws lessons from Trump’s election
    • How to arbitrate Obama-style

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