GAR Volume 13 - Issue 3 (Awards Supplement)

GAR Volume 13 - Issue 3 (Awards Supplement)

Pages: 32

ISBN: 1749-611X

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Welcome, reader, to our coverage of the 2018 GAR Awards held in Paris on 12 April. Following a champagne reception and dinner, the awards ceremony got under way with the unveiling of the GAR 30.

You can read how the ceremony unfolded in these pages, which featured a new category this year: firms that have been selected for the GAR 100 Expert Witness Firms’ Power Index 2018.

Other categories included the GAR ART award for best prepared and most responsive arbitrator and a lifetime achievement award for the late David Caron, a leading US arbitrator.

In this magazine: 

  • GAR 30 2018
  • GAR 100 Expert Witness Firms’ Power Index Award 2018
  • Best Lecture or Speech
  • International Arbitration Practice that Impressed
  • Best Innovation by an Individual or Organisation
  • GAR ART Award
  • Most Important Decision
  • Best Development
  • GAR Guide to Regional Arbitration award for institution that Impressed
  • Jurisdiction that has made great progress
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Nominees
  • Obituaries

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