GAR Volume 13 - Issue 4

GAR Volume 13 - Issue 4

Pages: 48

ISBN: 1749-611X

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As this edition went to press, two well-known arbitrators resigned from ICSID panels over Achmea (‘Three Crowns partners resign from panels considering Achmea’). An anonymous source told GAR to look out for “a wave” of similar resignations soon. Months after it was handed down, Achmea is still in the news, and the international arbitration community is still divided and concerned over its impact.

How far will the scope of Achmea extend? GAR reports on a conference in Oxford looking at where intra-EU international arbitration stands now, in the wake of the judgment – including the crucial question of whether it could bite in relation to commercial arbitration too.

A round-up of developments in Africa reveals that change is afoot there too. While the LCIA-MIAC arbitration centre has closed its doors, an “ICC Africa Commission” has been established and the launch of the African Arbitration Association has been heralded by ICJ president Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf as “the coming of age of the arbitration profession in Africa”.

The new Dutch model BIT also proposes some radical changes, and Constantine Partasides QC tells us about the sea change created by the “transparency tsunami” sweeping through international arbitration.

However, some things never change. The latest Queen Mary survey says that, despite Brexit, London remains the most popular seat, while Singapore has moved ahead of Hong Kong as leader in the Asian market.

In this magazine: 

  • Achmea: where do we stand now?
  • The Dutch model BIT: a radical departure
  • The transparency tsunami
  • London still top, says Queen Mary survey
  • The winds of change in Africa
  • Obituary: Mohamed Madkour, 1980–2018
  • News
  • GAR Live: Singapore
  • GAR Live: London
  • GAR Live: Zurich
  • GAR Live: Atlanta

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