The Arbitration Review of the Americas 2022

The Arbitration Review of the Americas 2022

Pages: 131

ISBN: 978-1-83862-571-9

  • £200.00

The Arbitration Review of the Americas 2022 covers Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru and the United States; and has eleven overviews, including two on arbitrability (one focused on Brazil in the context of allegations of corruption, the other on the relationship with competence-competence across the region). There’s also a lucid guide to the interpretation of “concurrent delay” around the region, using five scenarios.

Other nuggets include:

  • helpful statistics from Brazil’s CAM-CCBC, showing just how often public entities form one side of an arbitration;

  • an exegesis on the questions that US courts must still grapple with when it comes to enforcing intra-EU investor-state awards;

  • a similarly helpful summary of recent Canadian court decisions;

  • another on Mexican court decisions that showed a rather mixed year; and

  • the discovery that the AmCham in Peru as of July 2021 now engages in ICC-style scrutiny of awards.



    • Arbitrability of Disputes Involving the Public Administration in Brazil
      André de Luizi Correia
      CFGS – Correia, Fleury, Gama e Silva Advogados
    • Competence-Competence and Obtaining Pre-Award Judicial Review of Arbitrability in the Americas
      Anthony B Ullman and Diora M Ziyaeva
    • Concession Contracts in Times of Crisis
      Diego Brian Gosis, Quinn Smith and Ignacio L Torterola
      GST LLP
    • Concurrent Delay in the Americas: Is There a Continental Shift?
      Ted Scott and Meera Wagman
    • Consistent Self-Development at CAM-CCBC
      Eleonora Coelho and Ana Flávia Furtado
      Center for Arbitration and Mediation of the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada
    • Enforcement in the United States
      Jef Klazen, Marcus J Green and Chris Cogburn
      Kobre & Kim
    • International Arbitration in the Caribbean
      Francois Lassalle and Hana Doumal
      BVI International Arbitration Centre
    • Intra-EU Investment Treaty Disputes in US Courts: Achmea, Micula and Beyond
      Alexander A Yanos and Carlos Ramos-Mrosovsky
      Alston & Bird LLP
    • JAMS Focuses on Diversity and Inclusivity and Overview of the Revised JAMS International Arbitration Rules
      Robert B Davidson and Ranse Howell
    • Renewable Energy Disputes in the Americas: Potential Future Developments
      Seabron Adamson
      Charles River Associates
    • Valuation and Damage Quantification: Do the Same Principles Apply in the Covid-19 Era?
      Neal Mizrahi, Leonardo Florencio and Natalie Quinn
      FTI Consulting

    Country Chapters:

    • Argentina
      José A Martínez de Hoz and Francisco A Amallo
      MHR | Martínez de Hoz & Rueda
    • Bolivia
      Andrés Moreno Gutierrez and René Claure Veizaga
      Moreno Baldivieso
    • Canada
      Robert J C Deane, Craig R Chiasson and Paige Burnham
      Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
    • Ecuador
      Rodrigo Jijón Letort, Juan Manuel Marchán and Javier Jaramillo Troya
      Pérez Bustamante & Ponce
    • Mexico
      Victor M Ruiz Barboza and Andrea Orta González Sicilia
      Ruiz-Silva Abogados, SC
    • Panama
      José Carrizo
      Morgan & Morgan
    • Peru
      Ricardo Carrillo, Diego Martínez and Christian Wong
      Benites, Vargas & Ugaz Abogados
    • United States
      Adolfo E Jiménez, Marisa Marinelli, Brian A Briz and Katharine Menéndez de la Cuesta
      Holland & Knight

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