The Guide to Advocacy, 2nd Edition

Pages: 256

ISBN: 978-1-910813-99-7

  • £150.00

Global Arbitration Review's Guide to Advocacy is a practical book for specialists and would-be specialists on how to be persuasive during international arbitration, featuring unique insight from well-known arbitrators on advocacy. The Guide is a useful tool for junior lawyers who wish to develop their advocacy skills, as well as a manual for civil trained lawyers who would like to feel more at ease with cross-examination. It breaks the arbitral process into key steps and explains the advocacy “opportunity” that each represents (focusing on the principles at work rather than specifics).

Woven throughout are gems from big name arbitrators – tips, complaints, musings and reminiscences – providing a new, 360-degree view of written and oral submissions.

New for the Second Edition:

The Second Edition contains several new chapters and a fresh tranche of arbitrator contributions.

While the first edition covers the basics of doing just that, through chapters on, inter alia, written submissions, cross-examination, opening submissions and closing arguments, this second edition delves deeper by exploring ‘Cultural Considerations in Advocacy’. These are aimed at advocates raised within a particular national or regional style who wish to know what adjustments to make when in the international mileu; and vice versa. These chapters contain observations of help when some of the players in the arbitration – be they arbitrators, opponents or others – hale from Asia, Latin America, United States or the UK.

"This is a handbook containing a wealth of information and advice on the art of advocacy in international arbitration from leaders in the field - both advocates and arbitrators. It is to be recommended to both the beginner and the experienced practitioner."

- Anthony Connerty: Barrister in practice, IDR Group and 4-5 Gray's Inn Square on the First Edition

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