The Guide to Energy Arbitrations, 3rd Edition

The Guide to Energy Arbitrations, 3rd Edition

Pages: 314

ISBN: 978-1-78915-099-5

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The energy industry shaped international arbitration and – thanks to resource nationalism, changes in the oil price, shifting geopolitics and febrile sanctions lists - remains one of its biggest users.

The Guide to Energy Arbitrations, published by Global Arbitration Review, provides coherent and comprehensive coverage of the most common, most difficult, and most unusual issues faced by energy firms, from some of the world’s leading authorities. It is edited by J William Rowley QC, Doak Bishop and Gordon Kaiser.

The Third Edition is fully updated and has new content on upstream oil and gas disputes. 



The Breadth and Complexity of the International Energy Industry, Doak Bishop, Eldy Quintanilla Roché and Sara McBrearty

Part I: Investor-State Disputes in the Energy Sector 

1. Expropriation and Nationalisation, Mark W Friedman, Dietmar W Prager and Ina C Popova 
2. The Energy Charter Treaty, Cyrus Benson, Charline Yim and Victoria Orlowski 
3. Investment Disputes Involving the Renewable Energy Industry under the Energy Charter Treaty, Charles A Patrizia, Joseph R Profaizer, Samuel W Cooper and Igor V Timofeyev 
4. Of Taxes and Stabilisation, Constantine Partasides QC and Lucy Martinez 
5. Utilities, Government Regulations and Energy Investment Arbitrations, Nigel Blackaby 
6. The Role of Sovereign Wealth Funds and National Oil Companies in Investment Arbitrations, Grant Hanessian

Part II: Commercial Disputes in the Energy Sector 

7. Construction Arbitrations Involving Energy Facilities: Power Plants, Offshore Platforms, LNG Terminals, Refineries and Pipelines, Doug Jones AO 
8. Offshore Vessel Construction Disputes, James Brown, William Cecil and Andreas Dracoulis 
9. Disputes Involving Regulated Utilities, Gordon E Kaiser 
10. Arbitrations Involving Renewable Energy, Gordon E Kaiser 
11. Upstream Oil and Gas Disputes, Mark Beeley and Sarah Stockley

Part III: Contractual Terms 

12. The Evolution of Natural Gas Price Review Arbitrations, Stephen P Anway and George M von Mehren 
13. Gas Price Review Arbitrations: Certain Distinctive Characteristics, Mark Levy 
14. Destination Restrictions and Diversion Provisions in LNG Sale and Purchase Agreements, Steven P Finizio 
15. The Review of Gas Prices with a Hub Indexation: An Unknown Territory, Marco Lorefice

Part IV: Procedural Issues in Energy Arbitrations 

16. Consolidation of International Commercial Arbitral Proceedings in the Energy Sector George M Vlavianos and Vasilis F L Pappas 
17. Compensation in Energy Arbitration, Samantha J Rowe, Aimee-Jane Lee, and Maxim Osadchiy 
18. Expert Evidence, Matthias Cazier-Darmois and Howard Rosen


The Challenges Going Forward, Gordon E Kaiser

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